Days after body found by boaters; more remains emerge in drought-stricken Leak Mead

16 days ago

Boulder City news, Nevada news.

More human remains were found in the drought-stricken Lake Mead in Nevada after boaters made a grisly discovery of a human body in a barrel along the river’s edge.

On Saturday, National Park Service rangers were alerted to skeletal remains spotted at Callville Bay in the Lake Mead National Recreational area.

And on May 1, boaters discovered a barrel stuck in the mud that contained a human body. Low water levels ended up exposing it.

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  • “We were docking our boat to go home and heard a woman scream,” an eyewitness recalled.

    “My husband walked over and found the body. His shirt and belt were the only things we could see over his decomposing bones.”

    Investigators believe the man was slaughtered decades ago; Volunteers are offering a reward to anyone who finds additional remains in Lake Mead as water levels keep dropping.