Texas toddler fatally shot by 9-year-old brother using uncle’s firearm

17 days ago

Katy news, Texas news.

A Texas boy, 4, had succumbed to his injuries Thursday, three days after his older brother shot him with their uncle’s firearm, police said.

The incident occurred at a Guston Hall Lane home, in Katy last Monday; 32-year-old Francisco Lupian was reportedly in a visit to the boys’ home when he allowed them to handle the Glock handgun.

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  • The unemployed uncle reportedly showed the 9 and 4 years olds how to “charge” the weapon and “pull the slide back” before he left the loaded gun and a spare magazine on a dresser.

    Later on, the younger child grabbed the gun but his older sibling tried to take it away from him; he then did as Lupian thought him, pointing the gun at the toddler and pulling the trigger.

    Police said that the 9-year-old boy believed the gun was not loaded; Lupian, who was not allowed to possess a weapon, was arrested on a $100,000 bond.