Fla. man breaks into elderly woman’s home, brutally slaughters, & places her in freezer over estate tensions

5 days ago

Jacksonville news, Florida news.

A Florida man had confessed to slaughtering an elderly woman at her home last week before placing her body in a deep freezer and calling her “mean.”

Steven McInnis, 62, was arrested Friday after he called 911 to report killing an octogenarian; a search of the scene unveiled the victim’s body that was stashed in a deep freezer in the garage.

Police also spotted blood splatters in a master bedroom, on the floor, and on a nightstand; McInnis claimed that he strangled the unidentified woman because of ongoing tensions over an estate.

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  • The victim had asked McInnis to submit “everything he took from the estate and wanted the keys.”

    “He stated he usually knocks on the door but this time he did not; and then he found the victim on her bed in her bedroom. He stated that she gave him a ‘mean’ look, which sent him over the edge,” police said.

    McInnis is facing second-degree murder with a depraved mind. The decedent was described by neighbors as a “very private person.”