Houston girl, 15, shot 22 times in the back while walking dog: ‘Area is becoming really bad’

7 month ago

Houston news, Texas news.

A Houston girl walking her dog was fatally shot outside her family home Tuesday night, police said.

Diamond Alvarez, 15, was identified as the victim who had been shot 22 times in the back at around 9:30 p.m. while she walked her dog as she always did.

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  • “I tried CPR. I couldn’t bring her back. I tried so hard to keep her alive,” the girl’s grieving mom said. “My brother heard some shots and he told me ‘call Diamond’. So I called my daughter, and she didn’t answer.”

    Witnesses told police that they’d heard gunshots and saw a dark vehicle taking off. Investigators are currently examining surveillance footage from the scene to determine a description of the suspect(s).

    “Whoever shot this girl 22 times in the back, they are cowards,” the victim’s stepfather said. “The neighborhood is becoming really bad of someone can’t even walk their own dog.”