Scientific community supports Dr. Fauci after heated clash with Sen. Rand Paul and Roger Marshall

4 month ago

US news.

More than 80 doctors and scientists from across the country have signed a letter supporting the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci in the wake of the violent clashes he had with Republican Senators Rand Paul and Roger Marshall.

“His advice has been as well informed as data and the rapidly evolving circumstances allowed. And importantly, he has given his advice with humility, being clear about what we know and what is unknown, but requires judgment.”

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  • Paul had accused Fauci of conspiring to silence scientists who do not share his opinions regarding the handling of the Covid pandemic. While Fauci hit back by calling the Senator’s accusations personal and “kindling the crazies out there” referring to threats he’d been receiving.

    “Scientists can and do express dissenting viewpoints, but a right to an opinion does not mean the opinion is right,” the letter added.

    “We are grateful that Dr. Fauci has consistently stated the science in a way that represents the facts as they emerge, without unwarranted speculation.”