Speeding Indiana driver refusing to pull over leads police on chase, crashes car killing girlfriend and baby

11 months ago

Gary news, Indiana news.

An Indiana driver refused to pull over when signaled by police leading officers on a high-speed chase that ultimately cost the lives of his girlfriend and their baby.

The tragic incident occurred on Friday when Lake County Sheriff’s deputies tried to pull over 21-year-old Eric White for speeding and running a red light.

Instead of compelling to authorities, the young man kept driving at around 130 mph and swerving across lanes on Interstate 80/94 before crashing into a semi.

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  • The suspect’s car spun out across the road, hit a wall then was back across the highway where it was brutally struck by the trailer.

    White’s passengers, his 20-year-old girlfriend Britni Griffin and the couple’s child, were killed while White suffered serious injuries.

    “Any loss of life in such horrifying circumstances is tragic, but the loss of a child is especially disturbing,” Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr. said.

    “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who lost their lives during this incident. Police officers are faced with tragedy daily, but considering the circumstances with this incident, we are offering to help officers cope.”