Mysterious ‘mummy’ discovered by TikToker wrapped, hidden inside box at Evergreen Memorial Park

2 months ago

Los Angeles news, California news.

A California TikToker walking his dog in the Evergreen Memorial Park made a chilling discovery of a mummy inside a box that was hidden in a tree.

“Look what I found, Okay, so they felled this tree in the graveyard. I’m here picking up sticks and woodchips to burn in my kiln. This is the oldest graveyard in L.A.”

Tarpit, the TikToker, then filmed himself opening a tiny, old wooden box: “It’s all wrapped up, is that a mummy?”

After spotting a small figure wrapped in a cloth, the man then decides to put it back to rest where it was initially found.

The video was seen more than 200,000 since it was first posted on Nov. 27, and amassed comments that went from speculation to criticism and mockery.

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  • “Great…can’t wait to see what curse you unleashed for 2022,” one wrote while another added: “If 2022 goes off the chain, I’m blaming you.”

    User Christina Breen suggested that the box was the coffin of a “miscarried baby.”

    “They would bind them and stick them in trees. Pretty sure that is what you found.”

    Others admonished the TikToker’s desecration of the coffin and the reckless way he put it back in its place. One wrote:

    “We’re gonna put it back to rest, places disheveled broken opened box poorly, covers it with a hunk of wood. You should have done a better job putting it ‘back to rest’.”