‘Such a good actor!’: Viewers not impressed by Alec Baldwin’s tell-all interview, celebs support embattled star

2 months ago

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Alec Baldwin’s recent tell-all interview put him further under fire as many viewers said the actor was “performing” and that the show should have been about victim Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

The Rust star, accused of accidentally shooting Hutchins dead and injuring director Joel Souza, posted on Twitter that his family is all he cares about amid the turmoil.

“No matter what happens to me. No matter what I suffer if I win or lose, anything. Anything. No one can take away from me the joy and love you have given me,” he wrote.

“These are tough times. The world is choked with fumes of hate. But you have given me a reason to live. Our life with our family is all I care about. Nothing else. I owe that to you.”

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  • Celebrities commented on Baldwin’s heartbreak-filled post, insisting they are all by his side and asking him to “stay strong”.

    But social media users were mostly offensive posting jokes about how they are not “buying what he is selling.”

    “This is nothing but a clout chasing performance. We should be centering the victim, not him,” one wrote.

    “I’m not the victim but let’s talk about me for an hour,” another mocked.

    “If Alec wasn’t such a good actor, I’d believe every word,” a third added. “Baldwin is one hell of an actor…ACTION!! He’s performing baby.”