Minnesota father blamed family cat for inflicting deadly injuries on infant daughter: ‘She had little to no brain activity’

one year ago

Mankato news, Minnesota news.

A Minnesota infant died earlier this month after suffering severe injuries to her brain, ribs, and legs that left her with “little to no brain activity” since September.

Her father, 39-year-old Kristopher Henderson blamed the family cat for the two-month-old’s broken ribs, legs and brain bleed.

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  • Later on, Henderson admitted to beating the baby on her back, “enough to break her ribs”, to make her stop crying.

    His charges were upgraded following the infant’s death to second-degree murder without intent while committing a felony and first-degree manslaughter while committing malicious punishment of a child.

    The father is currently held on a $1 million. An official cause of death is pending.