New Mexico mom kills newborn week after she called 911 twice to say she ‘didn’t feel right in the head’

9 month ago

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Authorities in New Mexico are investigating how the Children, Youth & Families Department allowed two small children to spend time with their mentally disturbed mom who had called 911 on herself twice in the week before she killed her infant son.

Police said that on November 15, Kira Milton called police to report finding her one-month-old son dead. The infant had apparent bruising on his face, forehead, and temple in addition to marks of dried blood.

One week earlier, the 30-year-old mother had called 911 to admit she “didn’t feel right in the head” and that she “doesn’t want to hurt” her two sons.

“She basically said she felt overwhelmed and did not want to hurt her children,” Valencia County Sheriff Denise Vigil said.

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  • “Deputies performed a mental health check and when they arrived, they did contact CYFD.”

    Social services placed the children with their father until November 13, when he left for a business trip.

    “When it falls with children, that falls on CYFD’s determination and recommendations as far as Valencia County Sheriff’s Office, we had no qualms at that time as a safety plan had been enacted children in which the children went under the care of the father,” the Sheriff said.

    The CYFD said that it is conducting an investigation into the death and couldn’t publicly discuss the case.

    “The CYFD mourns the loss of any child’s life and will take immediate action to provide support to surviving victims while also respecting the privacy of those victims.”