Couple tells Police they ‘don’t know how’ slain toddler had fractured skull, ribs & collarbones before she died

17 days ago

Opelika news, Alabama news.

The mom of a 2-year-old Alabama girl and her boyfriend have been charged with murder over her death of severe injuries last Friday.

Ivy Baker was pronounced dead at the couple’s Opelika apartment after 28-year-old Chasity Umeko Baker called 911.

Baker and 28-year-old Jamario Emanuel Mitchell told officers that they had no idea how the deceased toddler suffered extremely severe injuries including a fractured skull, collarbones, and ribs and a brain hemorrhage.

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  • “None of the injuries had started to heal which meant the blunt force trauma had recently occurred,” court records said.

    The suspects insisted that Ivy’s breathing was disturbed for the last couple of weeks and that they’ve been using Vicks VapoRub and a nasal aspirator to help her.

    Baker and Mitchell were booked to the Lee County Jail on a $450,000 bond for each of them.