Utah teen girl, 15, planned mass-shooting at high school to leave her ‘mark on society’: Police

2 months ago

Utah news, US news.

Utah authorities announced Tuesday that they had intercepted a plan to perpetrate a Columbine-like mass shooting last month and arrested the 15-year-old female suspect.

The girl admitted to posting threats on Instagram suggesting shooting students and staff at Weber High School where she was enrolled.

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  • She also asked questions about obtaining weaponry to carry out the mass shooting and a video of her lighting up napalm on her driveway and boasting of having more stored.

    The motive, as explained on her phone, was to “shoot up” the high school and “make my mark on society.”

    On Sept. 30, the juvenile was charged with the use of a weapon of mass destruction. Authorities added that there was “never an imminent danger” to the establishment and community.