On Marriage Anniversary; Man kills wife when she went to sleep after violent fight, dismembers body

2 months ago

Bolton news, Vermont news.

A couple with a history of domestic violence had yet another fight on the night of their wedding anniversary that ended in a gruesome murder on Saturday.

Joseph Ferlazzo, 41, admitted to shooting 22-year-old Emily Ferlazzo’s head twice as she layed in bed shortly after a violent fight that saw her beating and kicking him.

The man added that after she died, he brought a saw and dismembered the body, stuffed the remains in bags, and then hid the bags in the couple’s converted bus’s restroom.

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  • The bloodbath occurred in the early hours of Saturday, Ferlazzo said, inside the bus where the pair was staying in Bolton, Vermont.

    "She was the girl that ran around in polka dot pants and a striped shirt, dancing," the victim's stepmother said. "She was always very happy, she absolutely loved to sing, she was a good singer."

    But when it comes to Emily's husband, the relative said that something seemed wrong about him during their first and last encounter.

    "Something didn't click the first time we met him. I don't know what it was about him, but we didn't like him. I said it's something with his eyes, he looks evil in his eyes."