Subzero temperatures in the forecast for Seattle as Cyclone Bomb draws near America’s pacific coast and Canada

2 months ago

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Brutal subzero weather is expected for the upcoming days in Seattle as a Cyclone Bomb gets closer to the country’s Pacific Coast and Canada bringing up to 8 feet of snowfall in some areas.

“Strong wind gusts of 40-50 mph can also be expected for coastal sections of Washington and Oregon from Wednesday to Thursday, but with the center of the bomb cyclone forecast to remain offshore, wind damage will be relatively minor and will certainly pale in comparison to the bomb cyclone from Thanksgiving week in 2019,” Meteorologist Randy Adkins explained.

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  • A bomb cyclone is, according to experts, “a rapidly strengthening storm with a central pressure that plummets by 0.71 of an inch of mercury (24 millibars) or more within 24 hours.”

    “As the pressure drops rapidly in the center of the storm, air rushes in to replace the vacuum created in the atmosphere and can produce damaging winds.”