Alabama homeowner shot dead while breaking up fight at party he held

8 days ago

Dallas County news, Alabama news.

An Alabama man who threw a party at his Dallas County home had been fatally shot while trying to break a fight between some of his guests Sunday.

It was at around 1:30 a.m. when Jerry Rayford, 57, was shot dead after asking the gunman, Tracy Mosley, to leave the party for disturbing the party.

“Rayford heard a commotion going on out of his residence and when he approached, he noticed that there was a male subject later identified as Tracy Mosley that had gotten into it with some females,” Sheriff Mike Granthum said.

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  • “Some exchanges went on so Mr. Rayford came out and told them, ‘Hey, you need to leave. No commotion at my house. I don’t tolerate that down here.’”

    Mosley, 42, reportedly shot Rayford six or seven times with a .40caliber handgun. He also injured another victim.

    “Mr. Mosley said that it was self-defense and all this, but we’ve yet to a gun on the homeowner. He just wanted people to enjoy it and have a good time.”