Texas man celebrating birthday punctures brother’s heart during party: ‘There was nothing much we could do’

12 months ago

San Antonio news, Texas news.

Relatives and friends of a San Antonio man watched in horror as he repeatedly stabbed his older brother, puncturing his heart during his own birthday party.

San Antonio Police said that officers responded to reports of a “cutting in progress” on October 3 at a Leal Street residence at around 7 p.m.

But when first responded arrived, victim Isaac Aguilar, 30, had already sustained a fatal wound to his heart in addition to at least two other stab injuries.

Aguilar’s brother, 28-year-old Angel Nathan Gonzalez wasn’t arrested until Saturday evening after he took off with two acquaintances.

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  • Attendants of Gonzalez’s birthday party told detectives the siblings started arguing verbally then pushed each other as people tried to break up the fight.

    The victim stumbled and fell backwards giving to his brother a chance to “pull out a knife and stab Aguilar several times.”

    “One of the stabs actually punctured his heart. First responders told us there was nothing much they could do,” Moses Perez, the suspect’s brother-in-law, said.

    “None of us could actually restrain him. And we were all just panicking, trying to save Isaac.”