Chinese media threatens to ‘fight to death’ after US officials reinstated ‘rock solid’ support to Taiwan

8 days ago

China news, World news.

Chinese State media are infuriated following State Department spokesperson Ned Price’s statements on Tuesday that the American’s support for Taiwan is “rock solid.”

The Global Times threatened a “death blow” if American troops intervened in the Chinese conflict with Taiwan.

“Washington will never fight to death with the Chinese mainland for the island’s secession,” the outlet asserted. “Over these issues, we dare fight to death against anyone who challenges and obstructs us.”

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  • China has long considered Taiwan as a province of its mainland and plans a “reunification” of the island despite Taiwanese people’s pleas for complete autonomy.

    “The People’s Liberation Army is prepared and strong enough to resist outside military interference when the Chinese mainland is determined to solve the Taiwan question,” the writers added.

    “The US sending naval and air forces to defend Taiwan would be a death blow to US soldiers.”