Phoenix Sheriff Deputy beaten to death at hands of un-cuffed detainee

9 days ago

Phoenix news, Arizona news.

A Phoenix Sheriff’s Deputy died Monday after a brutal attack by an uncuffed detainee over the weekend, according to authorities.

Deputy Juan “Johnny” Ruiz had arrested his alleged attacker Saturday morning over outstanding warrants and was in the process of transferring him into an Avondale cell when the attack took place.

Clinton Robert Hurely reportedly beat the deputy until he lost consciousness and was bleeding before escaping in the victim’s patrol car.

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  • “His loss is a tragedy for our profession and our community,” Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone said.

    “I am committed to pursuing justice for Deputy Ruiz to the fullest extent of the law against the suspect. Nothing less is acceptable.”

    Hurely was arrested after a gunfire exchange with a homeowner during which he sustained injuries.