NYC toddler falls to death after climbing onto ledge, detaching air-conditioning unit: ‘This shook my spirit’

12 days ago

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A 3-year-old boy left with his aunt at a Harlem apartment fell to his death Friday after he climbed a bed alongside the window onto the ledge, police said.

Daniel Galeas plunged four stories to land on a set of concrete steps while being babysat by his aunt who had other small kids to care for.

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  • “That’s gonna stay with me the rest of my life,” a teary neighbor said. “I have kids, man. And to see that happening, it’s a tragedy. I broke down like a little kid. You know life is precious. One time you could be here and the next time, you could be gone.”

    Housing Department and founder of Street Corner Resources Iesha Sekou was at the scene to assist detectives with the investigation.

    “It breaks my heart,” she said. “This shook my spirit. I’m a mother and a grandmother. I can’t imagine losing a child, you know, on any level.”