Tennessee teen admits to shooting sleeping mom at close-range to head because she seized his phone

30 days ago

Anderson County news, Tennessee news.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office recently released a juvenile court petition revealing that a 17-year-old boy has admitted to his mom’s murder.

Shawn Tyler Willis is facing charges of first-degree murder for shooting his sleeping mom to death on April 20, 2020, at their Rocky Top home.

“Shawn T. Willis confessed to taking his mother’s pistol from off of her nightstand as she was asleep,” the petition stated.

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  • “Shawn took the pistol downstairs, as to conceal the sound of loading it, then Shawn returned back upstairs to his mother’s room.”

    “Shawn walked around the victim’s bed, to the opposite side of the room, positioned himself alongside her bed, and shot her at close range, on the left side of her head, thus causing her death.”

    Local news outlets had asserted that Willis committed the atrocious act because his mom confiscated his cellphone as a punishment.