Georgia woman sought after throwing injured puppy into ocean because she had no money for vet bills

30 days ago

Tybee Island news, Georgia news.

Authorities in Tybee Island, Georgia are looking for a woman who was caught throwing an injured puppy into the ocean causing his death.

Candy Selena Marban was first reported to the Tybee Island Police after witnesses saw her throwing a puppy into the waters in the South Beach area on Sunday.

The woman was arrested and questioned over the incident before being issued a citation for animal cruelty.

At the time, she claimed that the puppy was injured days earlier and that she couldn’t afford its vet bills.

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  • The puppy was rushed in an emergency to a veterinarian's office where its wounds were ruled incurable and it had to be euthanized.

    Tybee Island Police are now searching for Marban after upgrading her charges to aggravated animal cruelty.

    “First, we appreciate all of your help. We are aware that Marban has ties to Gainesville, Ga. And have been in contact with law enforcement there for several days.”

    “New information suggests that she may be in the Savannah area, but she could be anywhere.

    Please continue to share this post so that we can bring justice to this case.”