Suicidal NYC man jumps off building roof onto innocent bystander below killing them both

1 month ago

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The Yonkers Police Department is investigating a tragic incident that unfolded late Monday when a suicidal man decided to jump off a roof and fell right onto an innocent bystander below.

Authorities have yet to identify both decedents but said that a “distraught” 25-year-old man leaped off his apartment building’s roof onto a 61-year-old victim standing below on the parking lot.

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  • Both victims died at the scene, according to the department’s statement posted on Twitter.

    “Preliminary investigation is that a distraught 25-year-old male jumped off the roof of the building, falling 12 stories onto the concrete parking garage roof below and striking a 61-year-old male; both men died at scene,” the release stated.

    “Investigators are interviewing witnesses and family members at this time and reviewing surveillance video. The incident appears to be a tragic situation and the investigation is ongoing.”