Careless teen girl, 15, laughed after ‘bumping’ jogger with relative’s stolen car killing him in intentional hit-and-run crash

4 month ago

Seattle news, Washington news.

A Washington teen’s family has helped authorities arrest her after she allegedly purposely hit a man with a stolen car killing him back in July.

15-year-old Kasama Smith took her relative’s car without asking at around 6 a.m. and went hunting down a 53-year-old jogger, Greg Moore, who was just about to finish a 15-mile run.

Smith intentionally struck the innocent man at 50 mph sending him to fly into the air before taking off and later joking with friends about “bumping” the victim and how he “flew over the car.”

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  • “We’re certainly really appreciative that everyone in the Maple Valley community continues to keep this case in their minds and never forgot about Greg,” prosecutors said.

    The victim landed in a ditch on the side of the road for about five hours before being spotted by a passerby. His worried wife had by the time reported him missing to authorities.

    “We’re certainly pleased that our detectives were able to move this case forward. That wouldn’t have happened certainly without the community that was always mindful of this loss.”