Formation of orange UFO’s glowing over Baltimore caught in footage as reports of similar sightings emerge

4 month ago

Baltimore news, Maryland news.

A Baltimore resident posted chilling footage of a glowing formation of several UFOs hovering over his home and got surprising confirmations about the same occurrence witnessed all across the country.

Symkai Scott shared the footage documenting glowing orange objects “flying in formation” in the sky and asked social media users: “Y’all got any idea what those were? There was a bunch of them.”

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  • He got positive replies from several states including DC, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Detroit, northern California, and West Virginia.

    “I saw about 30 of these traveling slowly in a single-file line, then vanishing within a couple of seconds,” one wrote. “That orange glow is so distinctive.”

    Another added: “I had half a bottle of wine in me and thought I was imagining it. I’m glad someone was sharing my hallucination.”