Startled engineer posts footage of bright UFO hovering over Iowa road as several locals reveal making similar sightings

21 days ago

Keokuk news, Iowa news.

A quality engineer and his family have filmed their strange encounter with an unidentified object they believe was neither a plane nor a drone hovering over an Iowa road.

“We noticed it in the sky because it was a huge bright star and we thought it was odd that there was a bright star during the daytime,” Mr. Jay Mitchell said.

“It was not moving for a few minutes, but we started filming when it began moving across the sky.”

The father of a 6-year-old daughter posted the chilling footage on social media, insisting that the object was very big and bright.

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  • “It definitely was not a plane. It was a few hundred yards in the sky and too low for a large plane.”

    Several residents of the area commented on his recording, confirming they’d heard about similar sightings from relatives and neighbors.

    “My sister lives close to that area on the Mississippi and she’s been seeing crazy stuff in the skies for the past several months. I think there might be something going on in that part of the state.”

    “Her neighbors come over now and watch the skies with them because they consistently see very strange things.”

    A Nauvoo, Ill. resident also commented: “This is precisely the same chunk of sky my family repeatedly sees strange things in.”