‘Very smart’ kid save mom and 3 siblings amid carjacking after faking asthma attack; suspect dies in custody

17 days ago

Fresno news, California news.

A California man died while being apprehended after he reportedly shot his girlfriend in the face and tried to carjack a car with a mom and four kids inside it.

The suspect was acting erratically when broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home in Fresno and shot her in the face.

He left the scene and went to attack a family inside a car, carjacking the vehicle with a horrified mom and her four children inside.

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  • One of the kids was “very, very smart” according to police after managing to fake an asthma crisis during the carjacking.

    The frustrated suspect was forced to pull over and toss the family out of the vehicle.

    Officers located the suspect about 90 minutes later and while attempting to arrest him, he became violent leading them to use a Taser on him.

    He began experiencing breathing problems and died at a hospital. His girlfriend is listed in critical condition.