DNA links Pennsylvania man to 33-year-old murder case; suspect admits guilt

2 months ago

Adams County news, Pennsylvania news.

A Pennsylvania cold case had been resolved 33 years after the rape and murder of an 85-year-old thanks to DNA evolution.

The suspect, 58-year-old Christopher Speelman, admitted to raping and murdering Edna Laughman back in 1987.

The woman was suffocated and beaten to death at her Oxford Township home. A relative had spent 16 years behind bars for her killing before being exonerated.

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  • In 2018, DNA evidence linked Speelman to the crimes, and visibly shaken, he admitted that he was worked up” when faced with facts.

    The suspect now stands accused of robbery, rape, and homicide. He is being held without bail.

    “This is an example that killers and rapists will never avoid capture,” Adams County DA Brian Sinnett said.