DNA evidence solves 65-year-old cold murder case of Montana couple

12 days ago

Great Falls news, Montana news.

Montana authorities said that they are relieved after identifying the murderer who killed a teenage couple in 1956 despite the fact that he is now dead.

Cascade County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jon Kadner that DNA evidence helped track down the gunman who fatally shot Patricia Kalitzke, 16, and Lloyd Duane Bogle, 18.

“It was such a big case,” Kadner told CNN of the 65-year-old cold case that troubled detectives and the victims’ families.

“Two popular kids who were essentially gunned down in a Lover’s Lane situation.”

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  • Kadner said evidence collected from Kalitzke’s remains was compared to commercial databases of DNA and the profile of a suspect came to view.

    “They built a family tree backward and then forward to develop the link to Kenneth Gould.”

    Gould was a neighbor of Kalitzke and grew up near her, detectives said. His DNA samples from two of his children proved his involvement in the double murder.

    “He died in 2007 and was cremated,” Kadner said of the suspect adding that the motive may never be known.

    “They poured their heart and souls into that case, and it just made you realized how hard investigators had worked. The same things happen to you, essentially”.