Texas resident found beaten to death on ‘very touristic’ Puerto Rico beach

2 months ago

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The Texas family of a 36-year-old man spending his vacation in Puerto Rico is seeking authorities and people’s help to identify the suspect(s) who murdered him on a beach there.

The body of Christian Quezada appeared to have been beaten viciously when he was found by a tourist earlier this month.

Quezada was planning to end his vacation in Puerto Rico and come back home for his father’s funeral after learning about his death.

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  • “We talked to him on Friday. Saturday, we couldn’t reach him,” the victim’s sister said.

    The grieving family had to force local authorities to launch a homicide investigation after flying down to Puerto Rico to identify the body and see pictures of the scene.

    “This was not an accident. I saw the pictures. I saw the place. This was a very touristic place…I knew that I had to do something. I couldn’t just be devastated and not do anything.”

    She added: “We are begging the Metroplex, and our community here in Texas, and also out authorities to help us. To find and make sure that this crime is solved.”