TX. firefighter mysteriously dies while on vacation at all-inclusive Cancun resort: ‘You’re supposed to be safe there’

2 months ago

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An Arlington, Texas firefighter was mysteriously found dead last week at a Cancun resort with local authorities ruling his death as “accidental.”

But the family of Elijah Snow said that their local attorney noticed that the firefighter’s body was covered in bruises and stuck in a bathroom window at the resort.

Snow and his wife Jamie were celebrating their wedding anniversary at an all-inclusive Cancun resort Monday when he passed away.

Jamie said that she woke up at around 4 a.m. thinking Snow was still at the resort’s bar where she had left him but he was nowhere to be found.

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  • She was later told that Snow died after falling in a space between his hotel and a nearby resort.

    Crime scene photos obtained by a local attorney contradict officials’ claim of accidental death.

    Snow’s family believes he was kidnapped, beaten and killed before being tossed from the window.

    “You’re supposed to be safe there,” the victim’s father-in-law said. “You’re at your resort, all-inclusive, and have no intentions of leaving so you’ll be safe. And you’re not safe there.”