Shooter killed with ‘stone pavers’ after disturbing party, firing shots at attendees, & fatally hitting one

2 months ago

Fort Worth news, Texas news.

A Texas man has been “executed” with bricks and stones on the street right after he opened fire at a party, killing one person Monday.

The bizarre incident took place during a small gathering at the backyard of a Fort Worth residence.

The gunman was attending the party when he started arguing with attendees. He left for a short time before returning to open fire at the crowd, mortally hitting one.

As he fled the scene, partygoers chased after him even with him continuing to shoot at people.

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  • Bystanders joined the mayhem, grabbing bricks and stones and throwing them at the shooter.

    “What we’re saying is some of the people picked up what we call stone pavers. What you line your driveway with points on them. That was something they initially could get,” police said.

    “I don’t want to say maybe used as defense, but that’s what they were able to throw at the gunman.”

    The gunman was pronounced dead at the scene after being repeatedly hit by the mob. Three people were left with gunshot wounds.