Selma Police Officer shot, killed during lunch break at home

2 months ago

Selma news, Alabama news.

Authorities in Dallas County, Alabama are investigating a deadly shooting that claimed the life of a Selma Police officer early Tuesday.

The fallen officer was identified as Marquis Moorer. Police said that he was on duty and on his lunch break at around 3:30 a.m. when he was killed.

“He was an outstanding officer,” Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson said. “He took his job very seriously.”

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  • The shooter approached Moorer and a female victim, his “significant other” at their Selma Square Apartments. The woman sustained serious injuries.

    “These interviews are never easy but it’s more difficult when it’s one of your own,” Mayor James Perkins and Chief Kenta Fulford said.

    “If you hear something, if you know something, call that number and say something. This and all the other crime taking place in our community is not going unintended.”