Ahead of Jan.6 investigation’s first hearing; Cheney describes probe as ‘deadly serious’, criticizes fellow Republicans

2 months ago

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Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney told ABC’s Good Morning America Tuesday that the investigation into the Capitol breach is “absolutely not a game.”

“This is deadly serious,” she said hours before the first House Committee’s hearing is set to start.

“There are some in my party, including Leader McCarthy, who continues to act as though this is about partisan politics, I think it’s really sad. I think it’s a disgrace,” she said.

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    McCarthy had attacked both Cheney and GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger on Monday claiming that he “will see” if he would punish the two lawmakers, now dubbed “Pelosi’s Republicans.”

    Earlier Monday, Cheney fired back at McCarthy calling his bid to pass a resolution against Pelosi’s committee “pretty childish.”

    “We’ve got very serious business here. We have important work to do.”