Alabama man tells daughter ‘I just shot your momma’ before killing grandma and shooting self

2 months ago

Wetumpka news, Alabama news.

An Alabama man is hospitalized in critical condition after turning the gun on himself amid an attempted double murder-suicide.

The small community of Spiegner was in disbelief Saturday afternoon after reports emerged of a man, later identified as William Jeffries, killing his wife and mom and attempting suicide.

“Mr. Jeffries shot his 62-year-old wife, Susan, in one room of the home. He went to another room where his daughter was with her young children. He told his daughter, ‘I just shot your momma, I’m about to shoot your grandmomma and then I’m going to shoot myself,” police said.

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  • “He went into his mother’s room and shit Joyce Jefferies, who is 84. He then shot himself in the head with the .380-caliber handgun. All this occurred within about 30 feet inside then home.”

    The women were declared dead at the scene. They are the only homicides reported in Elmore County this year.

    “They are good folks, we’ve never had any contact with them,” the sheriff said.

    “They just bought that house about a year ago. In talking with the daughter, she said Mr. Jeffries has been very distraught because his mother was diagnosed with dementia. That’s the only thing we have as a possible motive right now.”