Black Georgia couple dies within hours of Covid after rejecting vaccination over Tuskegee experiment

2 months ago

Atlanta news, Georgia news.

Family of a Black couple who died earlier this month of Covid said that the victims refused to get vaccinated over the Tuskegee experiment.

Martin Daniel, 53, and Trina Daniel, 49, died on July 6 within hours after contracting the virus.

They were married for over 20 years and shared the same opinion about the Covid jab, nephew Cornelius Daniel said.

The Daniels were impacted by the 40-year-old Tuskegee syphilis study that deprived Black individuals from treatment.

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  • “Just tying these two events together and understanding the historical context of what’s going on,” Cornelius said.

    “It really wears on me sometimes.”

    But despite his reluctance, Cornelius said that he received the Covid jab.

    “It’s imperative that we see the importance of the vaccinations.”