Ga. Boy, 5, fought ‘for his very life’ before dying from Covid: ‘I miss you so damn much’

6 days ago

Calhoun news, Georgia news.

A Georgia family is left completely devastated after losing a 5-year-old son to Covid last Friday.

Wyatt Gibson was a healthy boy whose parents took great care of him not to contract the coronavirus until he started vomiting and sniffling.

“A day, two. No appetite, a little vomiting, a bit lethargic. He’s barely had more than the sniffle or two as prior illnesses go. Then the white tongue. Alarmed, he was hustled off to the local hospital. Then the next day to TC Thompson Children’s Hospital in Chattanooga, TN,” the boy’s grandmother said.

“We’d been so careful this whole time for it to find us now? He was fighting for his very life. His mother, up for four days, never leaving between cajoling him to keep moving and fighting and begging him to stay.”

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  • “His father, the backbone of the family, coughing from Covid now himself, stood beside in silent worry, beyond believing what he was seeing.”

    “Then it ended. On July 16, 2021, at 12:05 p.m. Wyatt died. A massive stroke struck the soul of his brain.”

    The tot’s parents were brutally devastated by the loss, especially after Wyatt’s dad and sister tested positive for the viral illness.

    “In a way, I know that you’re still here, but I miss you so damn much,” grieving dad Wes Gibson said.

    “I have lost my best friend.”