‘I seen a guy get his throat cut before; but nothing like that’: Friend describes injuries of dog attack victim

6 days ago

Cocke County news, Tennessee news.

The friend of a 29-year-old woman who died after a dog attack earlier this month said that he feels sorry “he had to see it.”

Steve Mayes discovered the lifeless body of his friend Amber Miller against a tree just after she was mauled to death on July 12.

“I hate to walk up and see her that way. I’m glad that we were there to get her to the hospital but I’m just sorry that we had to see it.”

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  • “She was over there sitting in that yard in front of the tree. Her arm was tore up to the bone, and her legs were the same way,” Mays said.

    “That poor girl, I’ve never seen nothing like that before, I seen a guy get his throat cut before but after I seen that, nothing like that.”

    The victims suffered multiple bite wounds, Mays added. “She went under several surgeries. They weren’t just minor bites. She got sepsis, her arm got took off, we figured she might lose an arm but not her life. The next day, her life had been taken.”

    Authorities in Cocke County said that a similar deadly dog attack incident occurred last April in that same area.