Jefferson County Deputy’s daughter shot and killed amid domestic disturbance incident

2 months ago

Jefferson County news, Alabama news.

A Jefferson County deputy and her husband were arrested after their 11-month-old daughter was fatally shot at home Wednesday afternoon.

Sgt. Rod Mauldin said that officers responded to The Branch residence at around 3:49 p.m. over a domestic disturbance.

The off-duty deputy was holding her child and told them “My child is deceased.”

Two weapons have been seized at the home and the couple was taken into custody for questioning.

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  • “We want to make sure we conduct a very thorough investigation, preserve the evidence and interview those who were here at the home when it took place,” Mauldin said.

    “We are putting the pieces of the puzzle together.”

    The Sheriff’s Office issued a statement following the incident indicating that there was another child at the scene of the shooting that was unharmed.

    “We are completely saddened by the loss of this precious child. At this time, our goal is to provide support to one of our own in dealing with that tremendous loss.”