Maine grandma arrested for hiding wanted daughter accused of abusing toddler to death, concealing wounds with tattoos

2 months ago

Waldo County news, Maine news.

The grandmother of a 3-year-old Maine boy who died from injuries inflicted by his mom is now being prosecuted for helping her daughter hide.

Sherry Johnson, 59, was arrested and charged with concealing the whereabouts of Jessica Trefethen following the death of Maddox Williams.

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  • On June 20, Trefethen rushed a dying Maddox to the hospital with injuries she tried to cover with tattoos and claimed he was “bruising easily” while playing with his sister and dog.

    The grandmother told cops looking for Trefethen that she was at a boat launch and wanted to be alone while surveillance footage revealed the woman did not come there.

    Johnson later admitted that Trefethen was at her home when police asked about her. Her bond was set at $2,000 cash or $20,000 worth of property with limited contact.