Reckless Florida driver drags pedestrian’s body while fleeing crash scene, before hiding remaining parts behind shop

4 month ago

Tampa news, Florida news.

Florida troopers said that a reckless driver is behind bars after he struck, killed, and dragged a pedestrian on a north Tampa road Sunday.

Joseph Charles Strickland, 28, fatally hit a 32-year-old pedestrian walking along the road and kept on driving.

The victim’s body was dragged to the back of a bait shop, the Dixie Lee Bait, in Spring Hills before hiding what was left behind the building.

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  • He then called friends and asked for help pushing the car back to his residence, claiming he had hit “a deer.”

    Police said that Strickland then took a shower and slept. One of his friends called the police after noticing suspicious damage.

    The Florida Highway Patrol officers added that a severed leg was found in the area that same day.

    Strickland was arrested after an attempt to flee. He was charged with leaving the scene of a deadly crash and tampering with evidence.