Pa. man faces federal charges for pretending to be Trump’s youngest son, starting fraudulent fundraisers

4 month ago

Pennsylvania news, US news.

A 22-year-old Pennsylvania man is facing federal charges for impersonating former President Trump and his youngest son Barron to pocket money.

Joshua Hall scammed Trump supporters out of thousands of dollars for his living while pretending to be a Trump family acquaintance.

“Josh is an amazing patriot who is doing tremendous things for our great country,” Hall allegedly posted.

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    Last summer, Hall started a fundraiser for “field organizing, events, and merchandise,” the FBI said adding that he told his 100,000 followers that he hadn’t seen a dime of that money personally.”

    “Hall led hundreds of people to believe they were donating to an organization that didn’t exist by pretending to be someone he wasn’t, as alleged,” FBI Assistant Director William Sweeney said.

    “As we continue to investigate fraud in all its many forms, we urge the public to remain aware of the prevalence of online scams and exercise due diligence when making donations online.”