Milwaukee woman sets boyfriend’s head ablaze while he slept thinking he poisoned her chicken wings

4 month ago

Milwaukee news, Wisconsin news.

A Milwaukee woman has set the head of her sleeping boyfriend’s on fire, believing he poisoned her chicken wings.

29-year-old Tuhonsty Marie Smith’s boyfriend suffered second and third-degree wounds to the upper body after she set him ablaze on June 3.

The victim, 29, told detectives that Smith started acting bizarrely during the last few months making him feel unsafe.

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  • On that day, he told her he was planning to leave the house amid an argument and went to sleep.

    The suspect claimed that she did not plan to kill her longtime boyfriend when she poured lighter liquid on his skull and ignited it.

    Smith was charged with arson, mayhem, domestic abuse assessments, and first-degree recklessly endangering safety.