Oregon girl, 13, survives 3rd-degree burns after trying ‘under radar’ TikTok challenge

2 months ago

Portland news, Oregon news.

A Portland teen escaped death but still has weeks of treatment ahead of her after she tried to perform a TikTok challenge at her home.

Destini Crane, 13, sustained third-degree burns to her upper body and stomach when she lit alcohol on a mirror as she saw on a viral video.

“She really likes things that look like they’re underwater or things with fire in them. It looks cool,” Destini’s sister Andrea said.

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  • “I was in the living room when she screamed my name and opened the bathroom door,” her distraught mom recalls. “Her body was on fire.”

    Andrea explained that her sister admired “under the radar” trends she said are quite dangerous and “not TikTok trends that everyone knows about.”

    The mom said that she had installed parental controls on the teen’s phone but still Destini could reach the dangerous stunts.

    “They’re not thinking about how these young kids are doing the same thing they’re doing and getting hurt doing it.”