Jill Biden hugs Kamala Harris in public amid reports of indecent comments she made against her

1 month ago

US news.

A day after reports emerged she had made an indecent comment against Kamala Harris, First Lady Jill Biden embraced her in public during an honor medal ceremony.

A recent book, Battle for the Soul, revealed that Jill lost her good manners after Harris made incendiary remarks against her husband during the 2019 Democratic primaries debate.

Harris had criticized Biden’s 1970 stance on school racial desegregation and subsequently won some ground on then-candidate Biden.

“With what he cares about, what he fights for, what he’s committed to, you get up there and call him a racist without basis?” Jill said, according to Edward-Isaac Dovere’s book, before adding obscenities.

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  • When asked about the allegations, the First Lady did not deny she actually made those remarks:

    “That was two years ago,” she said. “We’ve moved on from that.”

    Dovere also described how Jill grew frustrated on that memorable Miami debate as she sat in an opera house seat, “about ready to jump out of it.”

    “She’s small and a community college professor. Most people forget that she’s still the Philly girl who likes to tell the story of when she showed up at the door of a boy named Drew, who’d been throwing worms at her 9-year-old sister, and pulled back and punched him in the face,” the Atlantic reporter wrote.

    “Jill was and is the guardian of the Biden honor, the Biden ID. She couldn’t bear to watch a woman who called herself a friend of her son’s try to tear her husband down, to score a point at a debate.”