9th Yankees staff member tests positive for Covid-19 despite being fully-vaccinated

1 month ago

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A ninth Yankees staff member has tested positive for Covid-19, the team announced Sunday, and like the previous cases, the new patient had been fully vaccinated.

Aaron Boone declined to identify the new positive and only mentioned that the person was not part of the on-field coaches.

“We’re doing the best we can with it and fortunately he’s another one that feels good,” Boone said.

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  • “We continue to try and be vigilant and handle it as best as we can.”

    He added that the Covid outbreak within the team’s ranks forced staff members to new roles.

    “I’m thankful that we have so many good people, not only who have taken on more load and responsibility, but also taken on responsibilities that aren’t in their expertise.”

    “I’m proud of how everyone had handled it and the job everyone is doing behind the scenes to make a difficult situation as seamless as possible.”