Promising journalist who interviewed Obama, Biden, and Dwayne Wade dies of natural causes aged 23

1 month ago

Palm Beach news, Florida news.

The family of Damon Weaver, the junior reporter who interviewed then-President Barack Obama in 2009, confirmed his death at the age of 23 on May 1.

Weaver’s sister Candace Hardy said that her brother died of natural causes while still studying communications at Albany State University in Georgia.

Weaver was only 11 when he interviewed Obama on 13 August 2009 about education and school meals.

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  • “We’re actually seeing if we can work to at least make school lunches healthier,” Obama said. “Because a lot of school lunches, there’s a lot of French fries, pizzas, tater tots. All kinds of stuff that isn’t a well-balanced meal.”

    Weaver replied: “I suggest that we have French fries and mangos every day for lunch.”

    The promising journalist also interviewed then Vice-President Joe Biden and basketball star Dwayne Wade.

    “He was just a nice person, genuine, very intelligent,” Hardy said mourning her late brother. “Very outspoken, and outgoing. He never said no to anybody.”