White supremacist arrested after ditching his car with 3 dead human bodies in hospital parking lot

1 month ago

Albuquerque news, New Mexico news.

A riddled car carrying three lifeless bodies was parked outside an Albuquerque hospital earlier this week and a suspect had been arrested over the incident.

41-year-old Richard Kuykendall was charged with firearm possession after he ditched the car with the decedents inside it outside Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital telling a security guard “there were three dead guys in the Chevy.”

Kuykendall may be behind one of the victims’ death, authorities said. The four men were Aryan Brotherhood prison gang members.

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  • “The Aryan Brotherhood uses murder and the threat of murder to maintain a position of power within the prison and jail system,” a police statement said.

    “Inmates and others who do not follow the orders of the gang are subject to being murdered, as is anyone who uses violence against an Aryan Brotherhood murder.”

    The suspect had just been involved in a fierce shootout with other gunmen. His car was riddled with bullet holes. He had neo-Nazi tattoos linking him to the white supremacist gang.

    “Kuykendall has an impressive criminal history, with at least 35 arrests in NM and Massachusetts.”