‘My apartment is covered in blood’: El Paso resident terrified after blood from dead upstairs neighbor dripped through ceiling fan

1 month ago

El Paso news, Texas news.

A Texas woman is terrified and in complete disgust after blood and fluids from her upstairs neighbor’s lifeless body dripped through her running ceiling fan and got sprayed all across the place.

“It grossed me out, I was in shock,” Ana Cardenas said. “I thought this isn’t real, this is a dream, wake up.”

Cardenas added that everything inside her Cielo Vista apartment was contaminated and blood soiled her hair and face before police arrived.

They ruled that her neighbor had been dead for at least five days from natural causes and decomposing right above her head.

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  • She said that the incident left her shocked and especially when maintenance workers took down her fan and “a pool of blood came pouring down.”

    “I called maintenance and they said, ‘Are you sure?’ and I said blood is falling on me.”

    The woman is now looking for a shelter and set up a GoFundMe page to help cover all the charges of cleaning and disinfecting the property.

    “I made several attempts to contact the managers of the Cielo Vista apartment complex with no response. I have no other means of shelter and now all my belongings have been contaminated,” she said.

    “Bodily fluids began leaking from the ceiling contaminating all my personal belongings: bed, furniture, clothes, sheets, and much more are now destroyed and had to be thrown away due to biohazard.”