Maryland gunman who killed 3 neighbors and set home in fire had called 911 over 120 times

1 month ago

Woodlawn news, Maryland news.

Maryland authorities said that the gunman who had been fatally shot by police last weekend after killing three neighbors had mental health issues.

Police records showed that throughout 24 years, Everton Brown had contacted 911 more than 120 times for irrelevant reports.

The 56-year-old would allege FBI agents were invading his home, cutting his grass, and in one incident, robbing a tooth he’d been keeping.

His neighbors were frustrated that officers did not take Brown’s troubles seriously especially after he once threatened them using a bullhorn.

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  • “It is just bewildering to us that he would do that to our next-door neighbors, being that he was targeting us for so long,” neighbor Ivory Williams Jr. said.

    “There’s just no telling the thought process of this man. There’s just no telling.”

    Brown was gunned down early Saturday, May 8 after reports of an active shooter situation and a house fire.

    Two people were shot dead inside their home, next to Brown’s, while a third was gunned down at a nearby parking lot where another victim sustained severe injuries.