Massive 11-foot-long white shark roams New York and New Jersey shores

1 month ago

Montauk news, New York news.

Beachgoers are urged to be cautious after officials said that a massive 11-foot-long white shark is currently roaming New York shores.

“Andromache” was spotted off Montauk, NY beaches on May 11. She is electronically tagged which helps scientists track down her whereabouts.

The 18-year-old ocean creature weighs 659 pounds, according to Ocearch. She is considered “the first arriver” to New York and New Jersey waters after spending winter around Florida.

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  • People shouldn’t worry since the great shark rarely attacks humans, but some “personal accountability” must be applied.

    “Go enjoy the ocean, but understand it a little bit. The moment you step into the ocean, you’re in the wild.”

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